medical centre

Everything under one roof

In our medical centre we are able to offer you everything from a single source, from the most detailed diagnostics to a wide variety of treatment options.


Imaging diagnostics

The Conradia radiological institute is located on the second floor of our centre.

Conradia Radiologie is one of Germany’s leading providers in radiology, diagnostics, early detection and prevention. The company offers the following services at our location: MRI, CT, digital X-ray. Nuclear medicine and an open MRI are also offered at other locations in Munich. We are happy to arrange a timely appointment at our centre or at one of the eight Conradia radiology locations in Munich.



In some cases, musculoskeletal system issues are associated with neurological deficits. Numbness and tingling in the arms, hands or legs, unsteady gait and paraesthesia can be examined in detail at ‘ATOS Neurology Dr Stichtmann’. Special tests can be used to check the conductivity of the nerve tracts. These results flow into the diagnosis and our subsequent treatment planning.

Medical supply store and digital analysis

Orthotics and high-tech movement analysis

The Lückenotto medical supply store is located on the 1st floor. floor of our centre. They offer the complete range of a well-equipped medical supply store, including individually adapted bandages, orthoses and other orthopaedic aids. In addition, the Bodynostic Movement Laboratory carries out computer-assisted structural and movement analyses at the highest technical level. The specialists from Lückenotto use a state-of-the-art 4D motion scanner to identify imbalances and misalignments. Electronic footprint measurement and a function test with the Orthelligent motion sensor system are also used. The results of the overall analysis flow into the preparation of your treatment plan.

Physiotherapy and medical strengthening therapy

Physiotherapy and medical strengthening therapy

On the ground floor of our center, ATOS Starmed Physiotherapy supports you professionally and comprehensively on your way to pain-free movement. The physiotherapists use all the usual methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitative training therapy. They rely on treatments that have been proven effective in scientific studies. The practice has several modern treatment and training rooms. The training equipment is designed for medical strengthening therapy and features a special technique in which your own body weight is used as resistance. This means the devices are suitable for patients of all ages and performance levels.



Turan Orthodontics is a practice for orthodontics right on the first floor of our facility. Dr Billan Turan offers the entire range of orthodontic treatments, including functional diagnostics and functional treatment of the jaw joint. The musculature of the masticatory system forms a functional connection with the back and neck musculature. Tension and discomfort in the neck and back area can arise from the temporomandibular joint, while conversely, misalignments in the back can result in dysfunction in the jaw. Symptoms are discussed and clarified during a direct consultation. The orthodontic practice is an ideal addition to our holistic concept.