About the person

Dr. med. Mathias Schettle

Specialist Clinic Director

Dr med. Mathias Schettle, is a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery. He completed his studies at the universities of Munich, Milan and Sydney. His training as a specialist initially took him to Switzerland for a two-year stay. He then continued his specialist medical training in Berlin, firstly at the DRK Kliniken Westend, an academic teaching hospital of the Charité medical centre, before taking up a position at a large specialist practice in Berlin for joint problems.

Early in his career, Dr Schettle focused on joints, especially on cartilage therapy. He gained a lot of experience both in minimally invasive surgical treatment and in conservative therapy and, among other things, also supervised academic studies in osteoarthritis research and regenerative cartilage research. In his medical work, he integrates gentle, conservative procedures into an individual treatment plan, taking into account bioregenerative treatment options.

As of 2016, Dr Schettle worked at the Marianowicz Centre in Munich as a specialist with a focus on bioregenerative procedures and conservative joint treatment and took over as Deputy Medical Director of the practice in 2018.

Founded in January 2021, ATOS Orthopaedics specialises in purely conservative treatment of the musculoskeletal system and has been under the medical direction of Dr med. Mathias Schettle since the beginning. The focus of his work is on the combination of classic procedures with innovative and novel methods for the treatment of a wide range of orthopaedic conditions. His research and constant further training make him a specialist in the field of bioregenerative processes and interventional pain therapy. Dr Schettle regularly shares his experience in his field as a speaker at national and international conferences. Due to his expertise and his clear way of presenting, he is a sought-after interview partner for online and print articles as well as TV programmes.